Spotlight On: TY-LR

Our week has been made with new Aussie label TY-LR finally dropping into selected Myer stores. We caught up with the brand’s Head Designer Chris Kontos to find out more about this season’s collection…

ty-lr Myer Chris Kontos

Rebecca Judd wears The Divergence Dress & Pant

Myer: Tell us a little about your background…
Chris Kontos: I started my career at the age of 15 selling on the floor, working across all areas of retail and design. Prior to my return to design I spent seven years as the Head of Marketing and Creative for an Australian multi retailer, where I coordinated many creative and innovative initiatives; including their collaboration with internationally acclaimed designers.  
M: Tell us how TY-LR was developed?
CK: I have known Melanie and Dean (Australian Fashion Labels Directors) for many years, and have followed the company’s journey from day dot. Whilst traveling to New York for my previous job, I ran into them both at LAX airport. We spent a few hours chatting about everything we might be able to do together and here we are today. We can’t believe how quickly TY-LR has grown and loved by so many, between Kendall Jenner naming it her favourite go to label to opening five stores in Myer would have to be the biggest highlight thus far for all of the TY-LR team.
M: How would you describe the TY-LR woman?
CK: The TY-LR woman is influential, powerful and effortless. She is designed around a professional woman who also has a family. Therefore, the styles are practical and functional for daywear, yet have an element of drama and sophistication to make her feel empowered and confident at all times. She can be anywhere between 25 and 65; the TY-LR woman is ageless and fabulous at any age. Fashion is her outlet and she uses it to create a language that is uniquely hers. Lifestyle is key – she is interested in travel,photography, music and the arts. Mixing the past and present to create the future is an idea she strongly believes in. She is always inspired and always evolving.

ty-lr myer

LEFT: The Sculptured Top & Stretch Leather Pant
RIGHT: The Silk Shirt Dress

ty-lr myer

The Mana Fitted Dress

M: How and where do you find inspiration for your designs?
CK: Creatively my mind never stops, I am always thinking about the next range!!  I feel most creative when I am driving in the car!! I listen to loud pop or classical music depending on my mood. Traveling also always inspires me, seeing the world and all the cool style on the streets. Also amazing old school hollywood films – currently I am obsessed with Michelle Pfeiffer in “Scarface”, what a wardrobe!!! 

M:What can we expect from the upcoming TY-LR collection?
CK: Our TY-LR team always enjoys offering a modern spin on the classics. Her style is forever evolving. Our signature suiting pieces made in Europe are always open to watch out for.  New and exciting metallic knitwear and the push for colours in winter to bring the wardrobe to life.
M: What is the one must have piece from this collection?
CK: The Pink Divergence Tuxedo is a must!!

ty-lr myer

LEFT: The Fortitude Coat & Trouser
RIGHT: The Divergence Tuxedo and Pant

Images courtesy of TY-LR
Photographer: Liane Hurvitz
Hair and Makeup: Marie Uva & Chantelle Baker
Stylist: Lana Wilkinson

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