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It’s time to fall in love. MIMCO has landed at Myer.

Cathryn Wills Mimco Myer

Cathryn Wills leads the dynamic team behind iconic Australian accessories label, MIMCO. Wills began working for the brand in 2004, joining founder and former owner Amanda Briskin. After seven years with the business, Wills moved into the role of Creative and Commercial Director and is now the brand’s Managing & Creative Director, overseeing the MIMCO business in its entirety. We sat down with Cathryn to find out more about the iconic Australian accessories label, which this year celebrates 20 years of creativity, individuality and statement-making style.

Myer: Tell us a little about MIMCO’s background and history?
Cathryn Wills: Amanda Briskin launched MIMCO in 1996 with 5 PU bags and an entrepreneurial, creative spirit that could not be slowed. Today in 2016, 20 years on, we have more than 120 doors across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, including Myer for the very first time. I commenced my MIMCO journey in July 2004. The brand was eight years old and I felt like I’d landed in an energetic, vibrant, full-on whirlwind of dedicated and passionate people. The energy, enthusiasm, passion, intelligence, creativity, love of collaboration and experimentation and willingness to fail and try again are all still very much traits of the brand.

M: How would you describe the philosophy of the brand?
CW: MIMCO has always been about women. Our ethos statement says it all. Being an individual is important to all of us – tapping into our own style is a visual way of expressing ourselves and I like to think we do that every day at MIMCO. We support the women who shop with us to get comfortable with their style and fun in the process of doing it.


M: How do you and your design team find inspiration?
CW: When it comes to inspiration, I love juxtaposition and an “opposites attract” approach. I don’t like literal referencing – the design approach we take at MIMCO is to combine, contrast and hopefully surprise our woman with unique collectable treasures.

M: Tell us a little about the collection this season?
CW: As always, dreaming up the narrative for a new collection takes time – but there was extra pressure this season to ensure that not only did we design a collection that was appealing, but equally, that story evoked a sense of our history. The Montage is a club. Starting in 1996 (but our muse of course), and reminisced about from a future position in 2096. Channelling ‘90s divas and their street style ease, clean lines of uptown NY in the ‘70s and the irreverent artworks of Pollock and Haring, we dreamt up a club setting that was richly decorated, immensely decadent, free-loving and democratic to all.



On set with MIMCO for their 20th Birthday Campaign shoot

we love

MIMCO Myer Rhapsody Necklace

MIMCO Myer Saunter Ring Stack

MIMCO Myer Kinetica Timepiece

MIMCO is now available at Myer Bondi, Brisbane City, Chatswood, Doncaster, Perth City and Sydney City, and coming soon to Chadstone, Adelaide City, Highpoint and Melbourne City.

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  1. I love that Mimco has now come to Myer, but I cannot find any actual merchandise for sale on this site. I search Mimco in the search functionality and it comes up with nothing. I am disappointed.

    • Hi Mary, Mimco is currently only available in Myer stores located at Bondi, Brisbane City, Chatswood, Doncaster, Perth City and Sydney City and will be coming soon to Chadstone, Adelaide City, Highpoint and Melbourne City. Have a lovely weekend.

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