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Introducing ASPAR Skincare

Recreate the feel of a luxurious spa treatment at home with the beautiful products from Aurora Spa – ASPAR – which have landed at Myer just in time for winter (when your skin really some extra TLC!).

The ASPAR collection from Aurora Spa is a range of Australian-made skincare products that has been developed, tested and created in-spa to offer clients the opportunity to relax and unwind at home. Each product and formulation in the ASPAR collection was first created for in-spa treatments and has been tried, tested and refined in over 400,000 spa experiences at the award-winning Aurora Spas. Founder of Aurora Spa Lyndall Mitchell is an experienced Life and Wellness Coach, with accredited coaching qualifications and over 20 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry.

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Myer: How did you develop the idea for Aurora Spa?
Lyndall Mitchell: I grew up on a tropical fruit farm in Queensland where wellness was a way of life. My work experience at Australia’s pioneering health retreat enlightened me, and then from the age of 18 I spent the next five years at Eden Health Retreat working with CEOs, celebrities, entrepreneurs and many people wanting to live a healthier life. During this time a seed was planted for me to create an urban spa to help clients continue on their path of self-care to be the best version of them. This was Aurora Spa, established in 1997 in St Kilda, Victoria, and to date we have seen 200,000 clients in our four spa locations.

M: What is your approach to wellness?
LM: Wellness for me is about self-care – taking a moment to put yourself first and see what your body needs to thrive. So often we are last on the list and feeling the effects of being overworked, overwhelmed and over-scheduled. Having seen so many people lose their health I am incredibly protective of my health and have a huge motivation to keep myself as a priority. My personal approach to wellness is to nourish my mind and body daily. I have many components to my wellness plan, some of my foundational practices are:

Mind – daily mindfulness and meditation to stay focused, calm and clear.

Body – preparation of foods that nourish my body, exercise and movement that helps me to be fit and strong, taking time to top up my tank with massage and time out.

M: Tell us about the ASPAR products…
LM: Our ASPAR product was born from the treatment room. Back in the early days I was hand mixing all of the products to see what worked best on our clients’ skin. We have always had the commitment to being botanically active, results focused and skin friendly. Over the years, clients told us what they loved and our team of experts could also see what ingredients gave the best treatment results. After seeing over 200,000 clients at Aurora Spa we had regular feedback that our clients wanted to take this home. Our objective with the products is to create your own spa ritual at home. At Aurora Spa we call this a #memoment.

Aurora Spa Myer

M: What is your number one tip for mental relaxation?
LM: Relaxation of our mind is about creating an environment for slowing down and winding down. A great relaxing end of day spa ritual I like to do regularly is to light my ASPAR candle to evoke an instant sense of calm. From here I silence any technology and give myself a moment of mindfulness. I simply sit and take 10 deep breaths. By harnessing my attention and focusing on my breath it helps to relax my mind and body. You can do this mindfulness breathing at any moment you have during the day. One minute of mindfulness is better than no minutes. You are building the muscle of attention. You don’t go to the gym once and think you are going to be fit forever. Similarly you don’t do one mindfulness or meditation and think you will have calm thoughts forever. It is a practice that is cumulative that you build on.
Another easy adaptable practice is to use the Botanical Hand Wash as your mindfulness reminder. Every time you use your Botanical Hand Wash during the day; emulsify the Botanical Hand Wash with water, then take 3 deep breaths and inhale the relaxing pure essential oils. These little pauses help to reduce the effects of stress on our bodies making it easier to wind down at the end of the day. We have so many distractor influences around us day to day. Mindfulness is a skill set that anyone can learn and it will have a positive effect on your mind and body.

M: What is the must-have product from the ASPAR range?
LM: This is such a tricky question for me as it is our range of spa favourites. Right now I am using our Wattleseed & Walnut Resurfacing Body Scrub regularly as it is a great skin treatment post summer. We have used both granular (ground wattleseeds) and enzymatic exfoliants (pineapple and papaya enzymes) so it is incredibly gentle and effective on your skin. A perfect way to achieve glowing skin.

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