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Designed in a contemporary and curated nature and offering hyper-luxurious refined silhouettes, it’s time to get acquainted with Interval.

Interval Myer

With a vision to create ready-to-wear lifestyle pieces that add craftsmanship, finesse and everlasting style to your wardrobe, Interval offers versatile and effortlessly stylish clothing for women with a modest budget who believe in quality and impeccable design detail. We caught up with designer and founder Kara Liu to find out more about her exciting new label.

Myer: When did you know you wanted to work in fashion?
Kara Liu: As a child, I always liked drawing as a hobby – most of my subjects were houses and clothes. However, both my parents are surgeons, so naturally I grew up wanting to be one just like them, and didn’t think about working in a creative field until the end of high school. I went through a typical teenage rebellious phase and decided that I want to make a career out of what was a hobby, and kind of just stuck with it. I guess you could say my career choice was a bit of a fluke! I think the reason I chose fashion over other creative field is that I liked that it is very close to people’s lives, that it served a real function.

M: Tell us about the experience of winning the Glue Fashion Design Competition?
KL: It was a great experience as it gave me the first opportunity to design commercially. Prior to winning the competition, I was freshly out of RMIT, and interned with Alexander Wang in New York. While both Uni and A.Wang were absolutely amazing, I had no commercial experience. The Glue collaboration was the first time that I had to design with a real customer in mind. I had to think about what a female wants and how I would combine my aesthetics with that, and achieve the final product at a reasonable price. It ended up being one of the most important experience for me because I realised that I want to design clothes for every day, not just for special occasions. There is beauty in things that we love to wear, not just to admire.

M: How was Interval born?
KL: It’s probably true to say for a lot of modern women that we live a busy, almost chaotic life. I personally really enjoy the serenity of that rare moment of solitude; a little bit of time and space just to yourself. ‘Interval’ is that moment in time and space in between; it’s an interlude of life; it’s ‘mindful living’. I try to recreate that feeling in clothes that are clean, beautifully understated, effortlessly elegant. They are easy, you don’t have to think too hard about how to wear an Interval garment. Simply put it on with items from your existing wardrobe and feel elegant and at ease.

Interval Myer

INTERVAL Asymmetrical Wrap Midi Skirt

M: Who is your muse?
KL: I don’t really have one. I have an imaginary Interval girl in my head when I design. She’s elegant, intelligent, refined and comfortable in her own skin.

M: Tell us about this current collection?
KL: Being our first Autumn/Winter collection, it is inspired by the notion of entering into a restful season after the eventful, active summer months. Autumn, to me,  is always relaxed and calm. The collection is reminiscent of that first slightly cold Autumn day where you would put a cardigan over your silk dress, and feel that pleasant coziness against your skin. The silhouettes are very clean, slightly oversized, and highlighted by asymmetric and wrap details. Supple silks, soft washed linens are complimented by airy light knits, perfect for the coming months in the transition into cooler weather.

M: What is the one must-have piece from the range?
KL: My favourite is the Asymmetrical Wrap Midi Skirt in Navy. It’s such a versatile desk-to-dinner piece, very easy to dress up or down. The silver toggle closure adds an understated yet special touch.

Interval Myer

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