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5 Tips to Help Lift your Instagram Game

Have you ever looked through your instagram feed and wondered how some people get such consistently perfect photos? Wonder no more – our tips will have you Instagramming like a pro in no time.

Lighting is King
No matter what device you are using to take your photo, lighting will make or break your shot. Always look for well-lit locations and try to ensure your subject faces the light source. Be wary of full sun as it can create hard shadows, but don’t be afraid of it either – shadows can make an image much more interesting, so play around with your light.

Learn to curate
Use Instagram as a place to showcase your best and most beautiful images, not to share all 73 pics from the wedding you attended on the weekend. People generally don’t like it when feeds are spammed with multiple consecutive images, so save these for your Facebook photo albums and instead only post your highest quality images.

Use photo editing apps
Any successful Instagrammer will tell you that most of their images go through at least one (if not more) photo editing apps before they even hit the actual Instagram app. From brightening and sharpening to adding more saturated colour and clarity, these apps allow you to do just about anything to edit and improve your image.

Keep it real
While the temptation is definitely there to overwork and over-think your Instagram image, don’t get caught up aiming for perfection at the cost of authenticity. People love to see real moments, real places and real situations that make them feel something, so yes, think about your image, but be sure not to lose your personality while trying to perfect it.

Nothing beats a good camera
When it comes to taking beautiful high quality pictures, smart phones are good and obviously super handy, but if you really want to lift your Instagram game, nothing beats the real thing. Call it old-fashioned or old-skool, but a camera will always deliver you a better image. From small compact digital cameras to retro polaroid cameras, good quality cameras have never been more affordable and more worthwhile.

Myer Instagram Cameras

1. PANASONIC 25-250mm zoom travel camera DMC-TZ110 available in selected stores
2. LOMOGRAPHY Lomo’ Instant Sanremo available in selected stores
3. FUJIFILM Instax mini 90
4. FUJIFILM X-T10 kit in silver with 16-50mm lens available in selected stores
5. OLYMPUS MKII 16mp 12-50mm Weather proof kit available in selected stores
6. FUJIFILM Instax mini 8
7. CANON 24.2MP CMOS Sensor DSLR 80DKIS available in selected stores
8. LOMOGRAPHY Konstruktor PC Sync camera available late May

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