Myer Fort

How To: Build a Fort

Building a lounge room fort makes for hours of fun for the little ones in winter, so why not make good use of your spare bed linen and blankets, gather the kids and get a little creative?

Myer Fort

1. Start by pulling out all your spare linen – everything from blankets, doonas and sheets to pillows, cushions and throws. You’ll also need pegs and safety pins.

2. Find your largest blankets and look for creative ways to suspend them from various points in the room. If height or hanging is an issue, try rearranging your lounge room furniture so you can drape your blankets over the back of your couch or armchairs. Peg your blankets in place to secure.

3. Next, add in any extra chairs or easy-to-move objects that you can hang more blankets over to make your fort space bigger. Use extra pegs to join blankets together.

4. Now your structure is solid, it’s time to deck out the interior. Bring in all leftover blankets and rugs for the floor and finish with the pillows. If you like the teepee point, simply use a broom to lift the blanket at a middle point and secure in place with a stack of books or with other furniture.

5. Fairy lights are a great final addition to really bring your fort to life, but do so with caution – avoid having light bulbs close to any of your fabrics and never leave lights turned on unsupervised.

6. Finally, grabs some board games, books and delicious snacks, and you’re all set for a cosy night snuggled up with the kids in your new fort.

What you’ll need

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