Merrick Watts Myer Fathers Day

Merrick Watts: The Biggest Kid in His Family

Father to Kinga and Wolfe, funny man Merrick Watts tells us about life as the biggest kid in his family…

Merrick Watts Myer Fathers Day

Merrick wears BLAZER Polo and shorts

Myer: Do you think you’re the biggest kid in your family?
Merrick Watts: Sadly you know you’re the biggest kid in the family when your 7 year old catches you in the fridge drinking from the carton and says “Dad, you should know better!” I’m only kidding, that never happened. It was my 4 year old!

M: What do you love doing most with your kids?
MW: I love doing anything with my kids, but cooking is something we do almost every weekend. On Saturdays we make Jelly ( I know, total Master Chef right?). Kinga is the official ‘Taste tester’ to ensure quality control prior to refrigeration. The 3 of us also love making gnocchi. For the kids it’s a play dough experience, for dad, it’s a carbohydrate dream waiting to happen.

Merrick Watts Myer Fathers Day

LEFT: Merrick wears FRENCH CONNECTION Shirt and shorts available at selected stores.
RIGHT: Merrick wears BROOKSFIELD Blazer, shirt, chinos and pocket square.

M: What’s surprised you most about fatherhood?
MW: Fatherhood  changes your priorities, you become less selfish. I love my kids and will support every decision they make through their lives as long as that decision involves supporting the Collingwood Football Club! That is not negotiable.

M: Has being a dad given you a different perspective on life?
MW: Every father’s perspective changes after the birth of their children. Wolfe was an easy birth ( says the person not doing the actual birthing) but Kinga’s birth was complicated and risky and afterwards I appreciated what I had more than any other time in my life.

M: Any tips for new dads this Father’s Day?
MW: Advice for first time dads? If this is your first father’s day, congratulations, now you can wear slippers wherever you like including the supermarket, and… all of your ‘bad’ jokes now become ‘dad’ jokes – Winning!
Have a great day lads, it only gets better!

Merrick Watts Myer Fathers Day

Wolfe wears MILKSHAKE Tee, TUMBLE ‘N DRY Jeans and CONVERSE sneakers
Merrick wears BEN SHERMAN Shirt and Chino pants with BLAQ Rupert sneakers
Kinga wears MILKSHAKE Dress and CONVERSE sneakers

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