2016 Myer Christmas Windows

The 2016 Myer Christmas Windows

Excited children and their parents lined up in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall to be among the first to get a glimpse of this year’s spectacular Christmas Windows, based on the new children’s book ‘One Christmas Eve’ by author Corinne Fenton and illustrator Marjorie Crosby-Fairall.

The book tells the story of Bella on Christmas Eve in 1968 when she visits her Grandparents in St Kilda for a typical Australian BBQ. Bella and her grandfather head to Luna Park and she is given the choice of one ride so she chooses the magical carousel. She jumps on the horse and lets her imagination take hold as she daydreams about the ‘Majestic Horse’ taking her high above the clouds over Melbourne and being greeted by Santa’s sleigh and his reindeers. Once the ride ends, Bella’s dream fades back to reality and she heads home with her grandfather. When Bella wakes on Christmas Day, she is delighted to unwrap a rocking horse that her Grandfather hand-carved for her to resemble the ‘Majestic Horse’ she rode on the carousel.

This year’s theme features 3D adaptions of some of Melbourne’s most iconic sites including Luna Park, The Palais Theatre and the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Brought to life once again by the incredible John Kerr and the talented team at Stage ONE, this year’s windows feature over 10,000 festoon lights, 120 individual 55cm characters, 5,000 miniature figurines and took over 30 artisans 17,000 hours to create.

The Myer Melbourne Windows are open from 7:30am daily, finishing with the last show at 1:00am (with sound stopping from 10:00pm daily). The Windows close on Thursday, 5 January 2017 at 1am. While you’re there, be sure to head into our Giftorium for all your Christmas needs in one magical place!

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

2016 Myer Christmas Windows

Selected images courtesy of Lucas Dawson Photography.

25 thoughts on “The 2016 Myer Christmas Windows

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  2. Christmas is Santa and elves and tinsel and presents in Australia, I think you can do better than that Myer. Dissapointed for the kids.

  3. I have gone as a family tradition for the passed 29 years now and honestly this year was so disappointing. There was absolutely no Christmas feeling about it, nothing special unlike other years.

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  5. Little or no animation, very, very disappointing. You need to commit to a much bigger budget. Not worth the long trip into town.

  6. Very Melbourne, quirky, artistic with amazing attention to detail. If you want red Santas & Elves, your nearest $2 shop window should have a display ;).

  7. Very disappointed!!
    No christmas feel to it at all. Such a long drive in to see them and it was just crap, the kids didn’t get or like the ‘story’ they were expecting awesome Christmas things like previous years and all they got was some crap story on Luna park and a kid.
    Wasted so much time going, was really looking forward to seeing them too 👎👎👎

  8. So disappointing no xmas theme. You have let yourselves down Myer along with all the people who regularly come to see the windows. Is this another case of over compensation for political correctness

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  11. So disappointing! My family and I have always gone and now I have children of my own I was excited to show them Christmas spirit that Myer always seem to have. Not this year, there was nothing about these windows that described Christmas! Not worth the 2 hour drive we did to get there!

  12. Loved it! What a beautiful story. Yeah there wasn’t a lot of typical Christmas decorations but a lovely story and theme nonetheless. So glad we went. Well done Myer

  13. My brother and I met in the city for a lunch before Christmas and we then went to the Myer windows.They were great!! We were kids in the 60’sand the
    windows brought back so many happy memories of Christmas’ back then.The story was simple but endearing and I think it’s important that the windows
    represent Melbourne and Australian authors etc.Christmas doesn’t just have to be Santa and presents.These windows are a lovely way to talk to kids about their city and the past.Well done to the creators.

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  15. Wow! Like .. WOW! Truly disappointing again. Christmas theme was pathetic. Animation virtually non-existent. Elves? Tinsel? STOP TRYING TO BE CLEVER and get back to what the children are looking for. We took ourselves into David Jones and lo and behold they had the old string puppetry. It is beautiful, magical, elves, santa, rudolph, tinsel and the children there were fascinated. We spent more time in David Jones and the children had a ball. STOP BEING ARTY FARTY, STOP BEING CLEVER AND GET BACK TO ENTERTAINING OUR CHILDREN .. GIVE CHRISTMAS BACK TO THEM .. PLEASE!

  16. Seeing those beautiful windows on internet,is very nice,This is something I really miss with Christmastime.
    I jwent every year when I living in Melbourne.But now that I live in the netherlands again,I can’t get to them every year.
    Last year they where nice as well when all the people and children where looking at the windows.
    This year they came differend on the computer,but they are stil nice.
    Well done Myer.

  17. I loved your windows this year. I believe it still had a Christmas theme and the attention to detail , with the fashion, presents etc. was amazing. Well done! I thought they were brilliant!!!

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  19. I enjoyed seeing the windows with my 2 grandchildren and it helped us to have realistic expectations based on what I’ve read about this year’s display. However, thanks to a comment above, we went next door to the David Jones Christmas cave where the highlight of their big trip to town was talking to a tree who asked them their names and had a great conversation with them about Christmas!

  20. My husband and I thought the windows were FANTASTIC this year. Your attention to detail was amazing. We really enjoyed the story line and were very immersed in it. The ONLY criticism we had, and were EXTREMELY disappointed to note there was NO nativity scene in the final window. WHY? Please bring it back…After all, this is what and why we celebrate Christmas…religious or not.

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