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Prepping for Bikini-Shopping Season

It’s that time of the year when we’ve got bikinis on our brains but, before you make a beeline for the shops, prep your bod (we have been living under winter layers for months after all) with a little scrub here and a slick of colour there to ensure you’re kini ready in no time.



The last thing you want while trying on bikinis are pesky hairs appearing where you’d least like to see them. So before you hit the shops, be sure to pluck, wax, shave (do whatever you need) to keep those little stray hairs away and keep your mind at ease.


Now, this for us, is a non-negotiable. De-scale with a rigorous scrub before gently smoothing the skin with a nourishing moisturiser or butter. Our top picks are here and here.


It goes without saying that we feel a little healthier with a golden glow so opt for a quick slick of fake tan the night before. Try this.


It’s no secret that we sometimes like to stay in our comfort zones. But! If you’re a classic triangles kind of girl, why not try a bandeau? Or maybe try on a one-piece? You never know, you might just surprise yourself.

our bikini picks


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