Myer New Years Resolutions

How to Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

A new year means optimistic and often overly ambitious resolutions that are sometimes hard to see through. Stick to yours in 2017 with our tips…

Myer New Years Resolutions

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Be Realistic
Keep your resolutions within reach and avoid over-committing yourself to something you know deep down you probably won’t do. Start small and work your way up – remember you can always reset your goals as you go.

Write it down
It might seem silly, but writing down your goals helps to solidify them in your mind. So whether you write them on your notepad in your phone or on sticky notes on your fridge, make sure they’re somewhere you’ll look at them regularly to help keep you on track.

Create mini milestones
If you are going for bigger resolutions such as saving money or losing weight, then be sure to set yourself mini-goals so you can see your progress – this will definitely help to keep your motivation levels up.

Don’t let your goals takeover your life

While it’s great to have goals, it’s important to still have a life too, so be sure to keep perspective and be realistic about the balance you’re aiming to create in your life. For example, if saving money is your goal then don’t avoid catching up with friends, just invite them over instead of meeting them out for dinner.

Reward Yourself
When you do achieve your mini-milestones along the way, do something nice for yourself like go for a massage or pedicure. It’s a great way to motivate you on towards your next milestone and you’ve worked hard so you most certainly deserve it!

Myer New Years Resolutions

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