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Surviving the First Week Back at Work

Getting through those eight-hour days back in the office after the summer break is never easy. Here are a few tips to help ease the pain…

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Start your day right
Plan your meals for the week and start every morning with a substantial and delicious breakfast. Whether it’s a green smoothie or poached eggs on wholegrain toast, a good healthy breakfast is the best way to kick-start your mind and body for the day ahead.

Move around
Keep your energy levels up throughout the day by ensuring you’re not sitting at your desk for extended periods of time. Instead of emailing that person on the other side of the office, why not walk over and have a chat with them.

Update your workwear
You’ll instantly feel better about going to work when you’ve got a chic new outfit to wear. Look for some lightweight pieces that you can mix and match and layer as the weather gets cooler in the next few months.

Get some fresh air
While the weather is still fine, get outside at least once throughout your day. Take your lunch outside for a good dose of Vitamin D, plus that little extra sun will help prolong your summer tan. Just don’t forget to slip slop slap!

Make plans during the week
Just because you’re back at work during the day doesn’t mean the festivities need to stop. Booking in a fun dinner with the girls or a night at the movies with the kids on a Wednesday night will help you maintain some work life balance.

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