How to stay motivated in Winter

How to stay motivated in Winter

As the weather gets cooler, finding the willpower to stick to your fitness routine becomes that little bit harder. Here’s our tips to help you stay motivated this winter…

How to stay motivated in Winter

Update your activewear
When you look good you feel good, so ditch those old out-of-shape leggings and worn sneakers. Treat yourself to some fun new active wear in colours and prints that make you happy.

Get organised
Exercising before work is a great way to start the day but it only works if you’re organised. Make sure the night before, you’ve laid your gym clothes out and packed your bag for the day ahead.

Remember why you workout
Some people pin pictures and quotes of their goal on the fridge or in their wallet, some write notes in a journal. Do whatever works best for you but be sure to document your goals somewhere that you can see them regularly.

Set Goals
Nothing will keep your motivation levels up like seeing progress. Set goals – both long and short term – and take the time to reward yourself. Remember, hitting those little milestones are just as important as reaching the big ones. It all adds up!

Try something new
Keep things interesting by mixing up your workout routine and trying something new. From BARRE to KX Pilates, there’s a whole variety of fun workouts to help you beat routine fatigue!

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