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If you’re anything like us, there’s always something new that we need for the home. Whether it’s a throw for the bedroom, cushions for the couch or a rug to complement the living room’s winter atheistic – whatever it is – we need to have it. Cue: Megan Morton.

We’ve teamed up with super stylist Megan Morton to bring you the latest collection from John Lewis, which is available exclusively at Myer. As one of Australia’s most loved home stylists, Morton’s work has featured on the covers of Elle Decoration UK, Vanity Fair, Vogue Living and Inside Out. We sit down with Megan as she shares her favourite pieces from the John Lewis Collection, her thoughts on this season’s winter trends and tips on how to create a beautiful living space.

Myer: What do you love most about home styling?
Megan Morton: The way it can be so cathartic and joy-sparking!

M: When styling a space, what are the key things you consider in your approach?
MM: I am always looking for a magic clue, something that binds it all together. Once I have this little seed, it could start with a colour, a shape or texture – it is all boom!

M: Where do you find inspiration for your work?
MM: I find all my real gems in the pages of books – philosophy, poetry, autobiographies, fiction. Language helps me build a visual language, and instead of copy-catting someone else’s work, it inspires me to use my imagination.

M: What defines a beautiful room to you?
MM: Somewhere you don’t want to leave. Really great rooms have a unique quality – a sense of acceptance, comfort, stability and beauty.

M: What key influences or trends do you see coming through for winter?
MM: I have always loved mustards and layering them with charcoal, so it’s great to see their prominence in the John Lewis collection. It’s one of those hues that can easily work with a dark or light scheme.

M: How would you describe the new John Lewis collection?
MM: Perfectly lovely things to hibernate with in winter! There are so many beautiful pieces in the collection, which offers endless solutions to spruce up your home.

M: What are your favourite pieces from the John Lewis collection?
MM: The glass bottles, slightly reminiscent of demijohns for me, are wonderfully multi-purpose. They can be used for drinks but are also perfect for blossom branches or a single oversized hydrangea.

M: If you were to buy one thing only to change the look of your bedroom, what would it be?
MM: Definitely linen – a new palette for your bed can turn a room around, especially when the seasons change.

M: What are your top styling tips for the bathroom and bedroom?
MM: 1) Be sure yo get your orientation right. There are usually no more than three spots your bed can go, but this can really make a big difference. I love facing the window and waking up to sunlight. Mixing different textures also adds depth to your room – a quilted bedspread, embroidered throw and linen cushions can all work perfectly together. 2) Try to avoid over styling your bedside. I try to have as little on mine as I can – the aim is to create a sense of calm, not a pile of to-dos or clutter. 3) I like the idea of bathroom accessories that blend in, rather than scream ‘look at me’. The later is usually used to make a feature out of white featureless bathrooms. There is nothing like a bathroom that is definite in its colour choice and goes all the way with it.

M: Can you share your favourite ways to add warmth to your dining table for winter?

MM: With the changing light, I love candle light. No matter how basic your cooking is, candle light, flowers and the right company (and a good play list!) can make for a magical evening.

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