Chloe Morello Myer

Chloe Morello’s Makeup Masterclass for Yves Saint Laurent

Beauty expert and renowned blogger Chloe Morello visited our Melbourne store last week to deliver a makeup master class to forty of our beautiful Yves Saint Laurent customers. Wearing a ruby red lip and her trademark perfect eyeliner, Chloe happily posed for photos with guests before leading everyone into the studio to share some of her best makeup tips.

After discussing the basics of skincare and foundation, Chloe demonstrated three of makeup’s most challenging looks: the smokey eye, winged eye liner and of course, the bold red lip. Guests were encouraged to ask questions and pick Chloe’s brain about anything and everything makeup related. After the hour long demonstration, Chloe led everyone down to the Yves Saint Laurent counter in the cosmetics department to check out the new collection, ‘Dangerous Reds’ and play with some of the new products. Thank you Chloe – we now no longer fear liquid liner and can’t wait to rock a red lip on the weekend!

Chloe Morello Myer

Chloe’s Top Tips

> Use a foundation brush when applying foundation for a nice even coverage. For fuller coverage, simply build up more layers.

> If you’re going for a darker or smokey eye look, apply concealer after your eye makeup to avoid messy eyeshadow fallout.

> When applying liquid liner, you should aim for one seamless line from the eye’s inner corner to the outer corner. Find your winged point by keeping your eye open and following the natural shape of your lash line.

> If you prefer a more subtle eye liner look, use a pencil to draw liner onto the inner rim of the eye and tightly close your eyes – this helps to rub the liner into the base of the lash line for a softer look.

> To create the illusion of a fuller lip, use a highlighter to blend over the area above your top lip just before applying lip colour.

> Want to create the perfect lip shape? Use a small angled brush to apply lip colour by pressing the brush flat against the inner angled part of the Cupid’s Bow. Then simply turn the brush over and repeat on the other side of the lip, making a small even V shape.


Chloe Morello Myer

Chloe Morello Myer

Chloe Morello Myer

Chloe Morello Myer

Chloe Morello Myer

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You can check out Chloe’s blog at

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