Napoleon perdis myer autumn 16 beauty look

Get the Myer Autumn 16 Fashion Launch Beauty Look

Loved the beauty look on our gorgeous models at the Myer Autumn 16 Fashion Launch last week? Here’s how to do it yourself with Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics…

Napoleon perdis myer autumn 16 beauty look

Create a dreamy, dewy complexion by beginning your routine with a pampering massage using Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser. Spritz your face with Auto Pilot Moisture Mist then massage the cleanser all over your face, concentrating on any areas of the face lacking lustre or feeling dry or dehydrated. To remove the cleanser, spritz a cotton pad or Cleansing Muslin Cloth with Auto Pilot Moisture Mist and wipe over your face – the residue from the cleanser will leave your skin looking dewy (not sweaty) all day, meaning you don’t need to rely on a foundation to create the dewiness.

For that fresh out of the shower feel hydration and radiance are a must. Opt for a serum that plumps the skin without leaving a physical texture on the surface; smooth Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum over the face. Not to prime is a crime, so prime the skin with Auto Pilot Radiance- Boosting Primer for a fresh and radiant finish will last all day.

Before any colour or coverage goes onto the face, start with your brows and a rich coat of mascara. These essential steps map out the rest of your look for you, telling you when to stop; with your brows done and your eyes defined with mascara, you may find you need less foundation, concealer and colour in your face, resulting in a more natural look. Define and add strength to your brows to anchor the look; work the tip of the Wand-er Brow wand through the brows to mimic fine hairs and create natural looking definition. Open your eyes with a rich coat of Peep Show Madame Fantasia Mascara.

Enhance your bone structure using only highlights for a modern and natural look that’s suitable for every day wear. Blend Light Switch Luminizer Palette Pink Ice or Silver over the high-points of the face; the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and brow bone. If needed, add a little Mosaic Powder Flushing to the cheekbones to add life to your face.

Begin to even your skin tone by concealing around the eye area; use a soft, fluffy brush to fuse The One Concealer around the eye area then mould into the skin with your fingertip. For truly dewy, radiant skin apply Auto Pilot BBB Cream to the feature focus area of the face or to simply perfect your complexion a little more, try Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation. If needed, set your t-zone with Camera Finish Close-Up Complexion Perfecting Powder.

Sculpt your eyes with different intensities of matte taupe; start softly and build to your desired intensity. Sweep Nude U – Eyes, Cheeks and Brows Palette #4, #11 or #12 through the socket of the eye then fuse out with shades #3 or #5. Contrast your matte shading with a pop of metallic; press Loose Eye Dust Star Light around the inner corner of your eyes. Finish the eye with lashings of Peep Show Madame Fantasia Mascara.

To finish and add warmth to the look, tap DéVine Goddess Lipstick Niki onto your lips and build to your desire intensity.

Napoleon perdis myer autumn 16 beauty look

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