Festive Food Christmas Myer

Festive Food

No Christmas is complete without an abundance of delicious food, and this year we’re bringing you our best ever selection of tasty Christmas hampers and gift-packs from some of the world’s best artisans.

The Food Purveyor
Established in 2012 in Geelong, The Food Purveyor have this year have partnered with Myer to produce a selection of beautiful hampers just in time for Christmas. Each hamper is filled with delicious food produced by local artisans and small-scale food and wine producers from the Geelong, Bellarine and Great Ocean Road region in Victoria. Robert Gordon potteries, one of Australia’s last remaining commercial potteries, worked with The Food Purveyor to finish off some of the hampers with their gorgeous trademark baskets and ceramics.

Festive Food Christmas Myer

Makers & Merchants
The philosophy at Makers & Merchants is simple: sourced, selected, made and crafted together. Each item in the range has been handpicked from different artisans all around the world, resulting in a collection of the finest goods that tell a story of seasonality, provenance and uncompromising quality. With the unique spirit, passion and love for creating products, Makers & Merchants have together created a collection of beautiful things for people who love their homes and the food they share with friends and family, making their products the perfect choice for your Christmas gathering.

Festive Food Christmas Myer

MYER Premium Italian
Our signature Italian Christmas cakes and biscuits have been crafted using traditional regional Tuscan recipes that have been handed down through the generations. Originally from Milan, the panettone has become synonymous with delicious Christmas aromas and flavours across the world.  Available in either Chocolate or traditional fruit varieties, the Myer panettone baked in Tuscany will bring the taste of Italy to your festive table. And don’t forget a few Baci di Dama’s (Italian for ‘Lady’s Kiss’) – a melt in the mouth cookie made from hazelnuts and chocolate – they’re the perfect after dinner sweet treat.

Festive Food Christmas Myer

Jones the Grocer
With products sourced both locally and from around the world, Jones the Grocer is a food emporium focused on providing customers with natural ingredients of the highest quality that are produced by specialist, artisan suppliers. This festive season, Jones the Grocer have created an exclusive selection of delicious gift packs that are ideal for the Foodie in your life. From olive oils to spice mixes, goodies from Jones the Grocer makes for the perfect Foodie gift.

Festive Food Christmas Myer

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3 thoughts on “Festive Food

  1. Myer Panettone classic fruit cake 900g tin is a dissaster this year, for $32.95 is really a ripped off, the bread itself is half the size of what it used to be and the bread is half stale, not fresh and fluffy.
    Very dissapointed as every year I would pay such a price for the freshness of this Panettone but this year it came in a tin that looks gorgeous but the content of the quality has dissapeared. It used to be boxed and because I cannot see the inside of the tall tin, the actual size of the bread is half of the size of the tin and the bread has less raisin and the fluff is not there as well as some part is dried and looks old. So I am totally upset as I could have bought 3 Panettone from elsewhere for $10 each and still better quality than this foul quality bread that comes in a pricey tin.

  2. Hi…do you have personalised jars of Nutella, if so I would like to have three large ones…One with Brad, one with David, and one with Ian on it…I can some and collect it on Sunday 27th
    thank you Sue

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