Myer Christmas Dinner party

How to Perfect a Christmas Dinner Party

There’s nothing better than gathering your family and friends for a festive get-together, but if hosting seems like more work than play, follow our tips for stress-free Christmas entertaining.

Myer Christmas Dinner party

Consider a seating plan
This might seem excessive but if you’re hosting a number of guests from different parts of your life then it pays to plan. By writing up some beautiful placecards you not only make your table look beautiful but you’ll also avoid any awkward situations with people trying to find seats among people they don’t know.

Create some ambience
At a dinner party, music is your best friend. Not only will it fill in some silences, but it will set tone for the evening – so pick your playlist accordingly! Don’t forget to make sure the music is low enough to talk over while dining, but turn it up when everyone’s finished to get the party started.

Myer Christmas Dinner party
Myer Christmas Dinner party


Share plates
Take the pressure off yourself to deliver each guest an individual meal and instead create a few big share dishes for the table. Start with some small canapes for your guests on arrival and then plan out a selection of meat, seafood and side dishes like salads and mixed vegetables to be shared on the table.

A good selection of the right drinks can make or break any dinner party so be sure to provide a selection of wines, a cocktail or two and some non-alcoholic options too. Remember that there’s a good chance some of your guests will bring a bottle of wine as a gift, but having a bottle of champagne ready for when they arrive is a great way to start the evening.

Keep it Festive
While there’s lot to consider to ensure your dinner party is hassle-free, remember it’s supposed to fun so don’t get too caught up in being organised or getting stuck in the kitchen. Your guests are there for a good time so keep the tunes on, leave a bon bon for everyone and even pre-arrange a Kris Kringle or game of Bad Santa with your guests.

Myer Christmas Dinner party
Myer Christmas Dinner party


Myer Christmas Dinner party

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