Giuseppe Santamaria Myer Mens

Street style photographer Giuseppe Santamaria on Men’s Style

He’s traveled the world photographing stylish men from all walks of life, but according to street style photographer Giuseppe Santamaria, getting street-snapped is all about confidence – not just what you’re wearing.


Giuseppe Santamaria Myer Mens

Myer: How did you first get into photography?
Giuseppe Santamaria: I’m a graphic designer by trade, having focused on editorial for almost 8 years. In that time, I had the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers and images and it really inspired we to pick up a camera and have a shot at it. Street photography was an interest of mine so I thought I would take to the streets.

M: Tell us about Men In This Town?
GS: Men In This Town is a result of the photos I was taking on the streets. I wanted to have an outlet for publishing my photos so I created a blog that focused on men’s street style around Sydney. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to expand beyond Australia and capture how men are expressing themselves through fashion all around the world.

M: What makes someone interesting to photograph?
GS: The number one thing I’m looking for when I’m out on the street shooting is confidence. It doesn’t matter what kind of look someone might have going but if they’re holding it with pride and don’t care what anyone thinks about them, that’s what I’m trying to capture.

M: Do you notice much variation in the style or way people dress when you travel?
GS: Overall, there are similar trends on the streets around the world but each city does have their own personality. London guys really like to play with high fashion looks, where New Yorkers are a bit more street and down to earth. Japanese guys pay really close attention to the details of a look, whereas Australians are more chilled and relaxed.

M: Where is your favourite place to shoot street style?
GS: By far, Tokyo is one of my favourite places to shoot. Every corner you turn there is someone wonderful to photograph, young and old.

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Giuseppe Santamaria Myer Mens

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