Ellery Myer SS15

A Nod to Goth-Romanticism

With her signature bell sleeves and billowing skirts, it’s fair to say that designer Kym Ellery has a thing for volume. For summer she has continued to play with size and proportion, with precision folding, fluted hems and sunray pleats giving a luxe sense of movement to each piece.

Ellery Myer SS15

Staying within a mostly monochromatic colour palette, it’s the rich decadent fabrics and deliberate draping that add interest to the collection. Graphic leather, silk satin, de-bossed organza and hand-sewn ivory sequin gauze elevate the sleek, clean lines and androgynous shapes that have become the designer’s calling card.

Kym Ellery says it was the ancient religion of Zoroastrian that inspired her, which explains the move towards subtle embellishment and embroidery – think a subtle shimmer of sequin on a classic black pleated dress and textured patterned bodices. Paisley gets a new lease on life, reimagined as a modern artful print, referencing Goth Romanticism, which is further explored through strong and occasionally oversized silhouettes.

Ellery Myer SS15

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Store Availability: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Chadstone, Adelaide, Perth, Bondi.
Date Availability: from early August

For further enquiries email myer.csc@myer.com.au
Not all product available at all stores

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