Mr & Mrs Fish

5 Minutes with Mr & Mrs Fish

Robert and Victoria Fisher are the dynamic pairing behind the renowned event production company, Mr & Mrs Fish. Together they create unforgettable events; from huge fashion shows to some of the most exclusive launch parties. As our go-to event planners, they’ve produced over 15 incredible shows for us, including our upcoming Spring Summer Fashion Launch happening this Thursday 7th August at 7:30pm AEST, which we can’t wait for you all to see. We managed to grab a moment with this busy duo while they were rushing between projects to find out what goes on behind the scenes at big events.

Mr & Mrs Fish

Myer: How long have you been in event planning & how did you get into it?
Victoria Fisher: Robert has been producing events for twenty five years and we became a team in 2005. Before that I had a fashion PR agency and the fashion shows and events became a natural progression, so I got into events via PR.  Prior to event production Robert worked as Production Manager for Instant Stadiums specialising in concert infrastructure.

M: Tell us about some of your favourite events you’ve produced…
VF: One of our favourite events was the Myer Spring Summer 2006 show where we built a beach in Martin Place in Sydney complete with Olympic swimmers and 50,000 litres of water, but it’s been great working with Myer again for the AW13, SS14 and AW14 shows where we really took things to another level, playing with size and scale.  Another favourite was the launch of Red Bull’s Formula One Team in Melbourne.

M: We loved the Spring Summer 2006 Show too! Aside from runway, what other sorts of events do you work with?
VF: We work with many different clients and brands including sport, experiential and corporate. Robert also production-manages music tours and recently worked on the One Direction Tour last year and is also getting ready for the upcoming The Voice Australia Tour.

M: What are some of the most important aspects you consider when planning a runway show?
VF: There are so many important aspects!  Too many to mention!  The venue, the creative and how it is executed to translate the key message of the season, the models, the styling, the lighting, the music, the hair and make up, the choreography, the guest experience including the catering, the service etc. We are lucky to work with the best in the business to produce the shows.

M: How many people make up the team involved in a huge event like the Myer Fashion Launch?
VF: The direct team is about 40 people with up to 400 people on site during show day including models, dressers, hair and make up teams, production team and more!

M: Thats a lot of people! How do you organize everyone to ensure the show runs smoothly?
VF: Everyone in the team we work with are true professionals, so this helps!  There is a lot that can go wrong with live event production – we only get one chance to make it work so we’re continually asking ourselves “what if that happens?”.  We do a lot of ‘testing’ and have a lot of meetings!

M: How do you continually challenge yourself to outdo the last event you’ve produced?
VF: We are constantly learning from experience.  There are new products evolving in all facets of event production – everything from lighting to flooring to performance to food and beverage, so this inspires us to create moments and ideas which are new and surprising.

Don’t miss the Myer 2015 Spring Summer Fashion Launch Live stream at on Thursday 7th August at 7:30pm AEST.

Myer Spring Summer Fashion Launch 2006

The Myer Spring Summer 2006 Fashion Launch at Martin Place, Sydney


Myer Spring Summer Fashion Launch 2014

Myer Spring Summer Fashion Launch 2014

Myer Spring Summer Fashion Launch 2014

Myer Autumn Winter Fashion Launch 2014

Myer Autumn Winter Fashion Launch 2014

Myer Autumn Winter Fashion Launch 2014

Images of Myer Spring Summer & Autumn Winter Fashion Launch 2014, produced by Mr & Mrs Fish

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