Jayson Brundson Myer MBFWA

Jayson Brundson’s MBFWA inspiration

For seasoned fashion week veteran Jayson Brundson, 2015 is shaping up to be big year with the launch of his first menswear collection in addition to his highly anticipated women’s collection which we will be seeing on the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia this coming week. Having just recently become a father and now celebrating his twelfth year at Fashion Week Australia, Jayson sat down with us to talk about his inspiration and take us through his new Spring Summer collection, ‘A Rose is a Rose’.

Jayson Brundson Myer MBFWA

Myer: Tell us about this new collection?
Jayson Brundson: The working title is currently ‘A Rose is a Rose’ which is a quote by Gertrude Steine, a famous lesbian author who was quite a revolutionary. It means I am what I am. It came to me as the process was coming along and I think because we were having a baby,ย there was so much love in my world and as a gay couple having a baby, you really have to fight for it as there’s a lot involved and you really have to overcome quite a lot. It made want to create something very expressive and very romantic. Last year was quite sexy, and I wanted to look back to old romance and I felt like the zeitgeist was just toning down a little, which led me to thinking more about love and romance and much of this stemmed from me feeling a lot of love for our son. With so much negativity in the world, the terrorist attacks and violence, I really just wanted to stand up and remind everyone that we have the freedom to love and be who we are and love each other and that’s how ‘I am what I am’ came about. A Rose is a Rose. It’s about love and romance with a rebellious attitude.

M: How have you explored this rebellious attitude?
It comes through with a mixture of masculine and feminine styling with black accents. Black is very romantic but it’s also the most rebellious colour you can think of and it gives everything a stronger edge. As a collection it’s all the things I’ve always loved and a lot of signatures- shirt dresses, shirts, full skirts and always really beautiful- lots of lace, jacquard and brocades.

M: When desiging this collection did you have a particular girl in mind?
I always picture the girl when I’m designing and I picture where she’s going, what she’s doing and even what her hair and makeup looks like, but it’s just a complete fantasy and I’m off in dreamland, there’s no one particular girl I think of, she’s simply a character in my mind. What I do though is ask myself would I want to know her and would I want to sit down and talk to her because I always want her to be interesting and little bit eccentric but always feminine and classic too. So that’s why I think it’s quite romantic and rebellious all at once. I get inspired by girls I know, girls I see and especially when I’m travelling, so my girl is not so much about a ‘celebrity’ or actual person but more about an attitude ageless.

Jayson Brundson Myer MBFWA

M: How does presenting a runway show impact your approach to creating a collection?
JB: It makes me really consider a running order, as making sure a show flows is really important to me so the running order is an integral element. I also always think of certain looks that are more runway appropriate and I always add a few pieces that really just add that exclamation point to the theme of the show. It’s not going way over the top it’s just about expressing the theme through a few variations which I try to repeat throughout the show to support the theme. And I always always think about a first and last look.

M: How do the models impact your choice of who wears what look?
JB: It’s really involved actully and you start thinking about the type of girl you want, you think of her personality and does she lookie the girl you imagined when creating this piece and does she look interesting. Then once you’ve got that part sorted you have to put them into a running order and consider if they can do all of the looks you want, do they have enough time to get changed and so on. It’s a massive jigsaw puzzle!

M: How do you feel about the fashion world has evolved from when you first began designing?
I think Social Media and social networking has had a huge impact on the fashion world and we’ve seen a really strong shift in the fashion toward social media and away from traditional print and television media. Back in the day you had to wait for the paper to see what they had to say about your show and now you can pretty much read about it immediately. It’s incredible how instant and global it’s made everything, I think it’s fantastic. It has made things so much more accessible which is great, but in becoming accessible things also become a lot more disposable.

Be sure to check back here on the blog next week for the full runway report from Jayson’s show and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & Twitter @Myer for all the action as it happens straight from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia #myerdesigners

Jayson Brundson Myer MBFWA

Jayson Brundson Myer MBFWA

jayson brundson myer mbfwa

ย ย Shop Jayson Brundson’s current collection online here.

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