Meet One Tru Luv’s Sjana Elise Earp

Meet Sjana Elise Earp, one of the beautiful faces of lingerie label One Tru Luv’s new summer campaign. Known for her fun loving free spirit, photo-journalist and model Sjana splits her time between her homes in Newcastle and the sunny Gold Coast – that is, when she’s not jetsetting across the globe, blogging for Nike or sharing her healthy lifestyle tips on Instagram.

Want to get to know Sjana a bit better? We thought you might, so we asked her to finish our sentences…

My 5 summer essentials are…
Sunscreen, coconut oil, cute and comfortable pj’s for the hot nights and sleepovers, bright bikinis and some statement sunnies!

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is…
Watch the sun rise! I’m a little obsessed with the magic and joy every sunrise/sunset is able to kiss my soul with… And I try to see as many of them as I can!

I can’t live without…
The ocean… the salty taste on my lips, the sand in my sheets, sun kissed skin, mermaid hair and the unrivalled feeling of diving beneath a wave.. There is nothing in the entire world that I am yet to find that is as euphoric and calming…

Sjana wears One Tru Luv ‘Pure Days’ top, ‘Aria’ bikini & ‘Shady Days’ eye mask| Aria Balconet bra & ‘Meika’ bikini 

My favourite past time is…
People watching! There is something endlessly intriguing about analysing other people’s movements, behaviours and choices.. The human brain is increasingly complex and I love trying to understand its connections, intentions and power.

The best thing my mother has ever taught me is…
The minimum anyone ever deserves is common courtesy, manners and a smile.
Regardless of how they choose to treat you, the absolute minimum you should ever give them is understanding, and a polite smile. This way your heart never hardens and you will always know you are treating those the way you would like to be treated. Negativity and fighting resolves nothing… And if there is one thing I would like to be remembered for, it’s being kind.

My number one beauty tip is…
Embrace Coconut oil!!! I use it for everything!! Moisturiser, hair mask (use double shampoo when rinsing out), scar healer, lip balm , face scrub (mix with a natural abrasive substance like raw sugar or sand), cooking, make up remover, nail strengthener, massage oil, eyelash growth and I often even just eat a teaspoon of it for essential fats/oils and nutrients as it’s delicious and smells incredible!!

Images from @sjanelise Instagram

I’m most comfortable wearing..
As a female, I always feel comfortable and naturally feminine when I am fresh out of a shower, make up free, damp hair and lounging around the house in a new One Tru Luv playful lingerie set. Even just wearing my favourite flirty intimates under a tracksuit can make me feel empowered, invigorated and beautiful, even if no one else sees it!

I’m a sucker for…
Ironically, lollipops! (Especially the apple flavour starburst ones!!) Also frozen grapes, summer’s greatest healthy snack!

To me, a holiday is…
Not a destination, but a frame of mind. It’s about finding inner peace, self awareness, self acceptance and a balance between body, mind and soul.

You don’t necessarily need to be on the other side of the world, on an exotic beach, climbing a mountain, eating your way through another country or losing yourself in translation to be on a “holiday”… Nope! You can even go on a holiday in your own backyard (Don’t dismiss it until you try it!!)!

This Summer, I…
Will be dancing with the sun, and flirting with the moon.
I will be taking as many opportunities as I can.
I will be releasing my inner explorer; as well as my childhood sense of curiosity and adventure.
I will be as spontaneous as the wind allows.
I’ll be embracing time, the season and the people I’m blessed to be surrounded by!

one tru luv storyboard

Check out the One Tru Luv collection here

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