Mothers Day Myer

Meet the Artists – Maricor and Maricar Manalo

Maricor and Maricar Manalo are the creative sisters behind the beautiful hand embroidery work featured in the 2016 Myer Mother’s Day campaign.

Mothers Day Myer

We know it’s the little things that make Mum special. Whether it’s her delicious Sunday roasts or having that reassuring shoulder to cry on, behind every mum is a unique and special person. We’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year in our most personal way yet this year by collaborating with embroidery artists Maricor and Maricar, who have created a beautiful series of hand-stitched names for our campaign, including their own mother’s name, Filomena.

We visited Maricor and Maricar’s studio to find out more about the intricate embroidery process and meet their beautiful mother, Filomena.

Myer: How has your mum inspired you to be artists?
Maricor: Our mum has inspired us by always being there to support us, being strong, being a tough cookie and just allowing us to follow our own individual path. And she’s been there to push us along and offer her support.
Maricar: Our mum’s inspired us by how strong willed she is. She’s sort of a tough cookie but with a soft center, but her strong willed nature has given us the courage to take our own path and do what we feel passionate about.

M: What do you normally do on Filomena Day?
Maricar: We usually take mum out so she doesn’t have to worry about any of the cooking. The whole family will meet up – including the extended family and all the kids – for a big long lunch.
Maricor: If it’s a nice day we’ll go out and have a BBQ so the kids can run around, and just enjoy each other’s company and have everyone together.


M: How long have you been doing illustrative embroidery?
Maricar: We’ve been doing illustrative embroidery for around six years now. Before that we worked as designers and animators but these days we specialise in handcrafted visuals and tactile graphics.

M: Is every part of the process collaborative or do you also work independently?
Maricar: We work collaboratively, especially in the beginning where we’re both working on concepts and then depending on the scale of the project, we’ll also work on the actual piece together. For a project with a really tough deadline we’ll actually work as a tag team and work through the night. When one of us gets tired we’ll tap out and let the other person take up the canvas and continue on.
Maricor: We’re a tag team where one person will take the night shift, one person will take the day shift and if the piece is large enough, then we’ll actually have two pairs of hands sewing.



Mothers Day Myer

Mothers Day Myer

Mothers Day Myer

Mothers Day Myer

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